Greetings from the Principal


       Dear guests, colleagues, employees and students !
     We are gathered together in a joyous occasion, which is indeed 46 years from the creation of the Professional High School of Electronics and Chemical Technologies – “Prof.asen Zlatarov”, Pleven.
     46 years are much and little, years of searching, affirmation and realization, years of irreconcilability and fighting in which priceless experience was gained, sometimes even routine and insensibility to the new, desire to preserve the status quo and desire for the modern, desire to come before your time, to see in future – not always possible or successful but always with the clear consciousness of tradition.

     Tradition is fundamental for establishing the future, for potential development and storage, for moving up and forward
     Tradition began 46 years ago, went through time, gained experience and gathered power, created international contacts, affirms itself in the battle for respect, authority and popularity. But times changes unconditionally, everything built up to this moment crumbles, tradition is threatened, foundations of the society have shaken, change is needed. Difficulties and sudden changes tighten the ranks, unite, uplift the spirit, give strength to find solutions. A lull follows, time of new maturation and affirmation, time of construction of new, modern and quality education, but this process for a short time and now the picture is changing again, solution is to be found again, combining in itself experience and tradition, youth and innovation.
     Sometimes difficult, sometimes easier, but moving forward is inevitable. I believe that our team still has the strength to fight, will be able to withstand new challenges, that it can continue its road up and forward, to open new opportunities before tradition, to strengthen and revive it, that it has the courage to say “I can!”. Coming days will show this – days of challenges and changes.
     The main source of energy, the one which constantly aliments the team and make it develop, to seek for the new and different, to change, so to be able to answer the numerous questions set in front of it, are those thousands of graduates. They come and go leaving a part of themselves. Becoming an element of the tradition and part of the team. They come with their primary wild and exuberant energy which during their stay here turns into targeted effort for construction and creating. These fractions are the basis but it is not enough.
     What would we do with this wild and sometimes destructive energy, how would we harness it and turn it into creative power? Who is the one who could perform this miracle? It is him who is chosen to perform miracles, even to deny himself in the name of his students, the man with hundreds of children, the man who can and knows, who is continually learning, dedicated to others, forever marching through years, unbroken by the blows and hardships, by cataclysms of time, who looks like grievous stranger resolved to continue building this proud temple of knowledge – the teacher.
     During these 46 years over hundred are the names of those who have build, little by little, to obtain our current outlook. Without them there would be no us. They are the ones to embed their shadow in the process so it would be strong today. Part of them continue this deed nowadays, patiently with much work and persistence, slowly yet sometimes painful, day by day with much love. I warmly thank them all and curtseys!   
     To flourish we need somebody to comfort us, to release us from our daily hassles, the unimportant, to assure and boost us, who does subtle at first glance things, who is concerned about our comfort and safety. Over these years there were many people who are not coincidentally called employees. They are part of us. For all of them is our gratitude and appreciation! Thank you! And last but not least I wish every single member from this big family called Professional High School of Electronics and Chemical Technologies “Prof.Asen Zlatarov” much health and strength!

I`m proud to be Your Principal,
Kalin Yonchev